Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Academy Awards

Will Avatar parlay its huge box office take to a Best Picture Oscar tomorrow night?  James Cameron, never a Hollywood favorite, has created a film that has become almost as controversial as it is popular.  Cameron has been accused of creating a movie that is anti-religious, anti-military, anti-god, offensive to feminists, racist, promotes smoking, and is anti-American (Cameron is from Canada, remember).  It has also been suggested that the film evokes the tragedy of  9/11 in an offensive manner.

While debate on these issues (and others)  rages on, what is unquestioned is that Avatar broke new ground in its technical achievements.  Noteworthy in  Avatar's nine Oscar nominations is that there are none in the acting categories.  Spectacular CGI and highly technical filmmaking does not always serve the craft of acting, and that is yet another debate that has been spawned by the success and achievements of Avatar.

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